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Blueberry - Top Hat

Blueberry - Top Hat

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‘Top Hat’ is a dwarf blueberry, selected for its compact growth. deciduous shrub. It originated as a multi-generational cross between true angustifolium ‘wild’ blueberries and standard northern highbush blueberry selections. Lovely bell-shaped white and pink-tinged flowers followed by delicious light blue fruit, and outstanding fall foliage. Blueberries grow best in acidic, medium to wet, well-drained organically rich soils in full sun to part shade. Fibrous roots need constant moisture and good drainage. Plants appreciate a good organic mulch. Although self-fertile, it is best to plant more than one variety, as cross-pollination produces larger berries and larger yields. Grown not just for fruit production, it is effective as a low hedge, in shrub borders or as part of less formal shrub plantings. Excellent for containers, patio gardens, borders as well as edible gardens and landscapes


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