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Blueberry - Wild Low bush

Blueberry - Wild Low bush

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Wild lowbush blueberries are a deciduous shrub Native to Northeastern United States.  Prefers acidic, well-drained soil with partial to full sun. Produces small, white, pink-tinged, bell-shaped flowers which are followed by edible blue fruit. Lowbush blueberry has bright green foliage in summer turning variable shades of yellow, red, and fluorescent orange providing a vibrant splash of color to the autumn landscape. This Ohio native is grown commercially in many places across the northeast, most notably Maine where it counts for the majority of wild blueberry production. In addition to commercial harvest, lowbush blueberries are harvested recreationally and consumed by species as diverse as black bears, foxes, deer, birds, and porcupines. Use as a low ground cover and for naturalizing.

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