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Asimina triloba, commonly called Pawpaw, is a small understory tree or large shrub native to Ohio. Typically found in low bottom woods, slopes, ravines and river valleys. Large, slightly drooping, elliptical, medium green leaves turn to a bright yellow in Fall. Lip-like cup-shaped burgundy red flowers appear in spring, and give way to large, edible, oblong, yellowish green fruits which ripen from mid-August to October and should be soft enough to come off the tree with a gentle squeeze. Once a staple in Native American and early settlers’ diets, the pawpaw is now considered a rare delicacy. The ripe Pawpaw will have a pronounced perfumed fragrance. The highly nutritious flesh will have a consistency of custard and a unique flavor, resembling a vanilla banana blend. The Pawpaw tree requires two for good pollination and heavy fruit set.  This tropical-flavored treat is the largest fruit native to North America and is the State wild fruit of Ohio


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