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Apple, Tasty Red - Urban

Apple, Tasty Red - Urban

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Malus domestica 'Tasty Red'

Urban apples are pillar–shaped columnar apple trees that produce loads of fruit on spurs along the main stem. Columnar apples have a narrow upright habit, growing 8-10 ft. tall and just 2 ft. wide. Grow full-sized, bright red apples in a small space. Perfect for small yards, along fence-lines or along borders. One of the only apple trees that can be grown in containers (Potted trees should live outdoors all year round, in a sunny location). Like other apples, you will need two different types for pollination.  Each combines disease resistance, flavor, and ease of growing in small spaces like roof-tops, balconies or patios. Tasty Red is a bright red, firm, sweet, juicy apple that ripens early mid-September.


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