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Sweet Azalea (Azalea arborescens)

Sweet Azalea (Azalea arborescens)

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Azalea arborescens is a deciduous shrub native to the eastern United States and is one of the hardiest and last azaleas to bloom in the spring. By far one of the best of the deciduous native azaleas, they have lovely white flowers with the fragrance of Honeysuckle. As a large shrub in full bloom, you can smell the delightful flowers from a great distance. Prefers medium soil moisture and partially shaded sites but will also grow in drier soils. Shallow roots do not like cultivation around them and prefer a thick layer of organic mulch to help maintain soil moisture and also protect against low winter temperatures.  Great planted in mixed or shrub boarders, woodland and shade gardens. It tolerates wet planting sites so would be ideal in a rain garden. Deadhead immediately after bloom to maintain appearance.


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