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Cranberry - American

Cranberry - American

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Native to Northeast bogs and wetlands, American Cranberry likes a sunny moist location. Grown as an edible grown cover where soils stay moist. Cranberry is self-fertile producing large deep-red fruit. Unbeknownst to most, growing cranberries is not exclusive to commercial growers in flooded bogs. The reality is cranberry offers incredible potential for the home gardener as well. Cranberries do not actually require a bog or wetland for success; rather they are easily grown in most moist, fertile soils. These plants make a beautiful ground cover or can be successfully grown in hanging baskets or containers. These easy-going plants can be grown just about anywhere! This evergreen ground cover likes acidic wet soils. Small, glossy, leathery leaves, bronzy in spring and dark green in summer, turn a variety of colors in fall.s


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