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Western Reserve Heritage Seed Co.

Devil's Walking Stick (Aralia spinosa)

Devil's Walking Stick (Aralia spinosa)

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Aralia spinosa, commonly called devil’s walking stick, gets its name from its stout, sharp spines. This large, upright, suckering, deciduous shrub is native to Ohio and commonly found in wood margins, fields and pastures. Interesting foliage, showy flowers, juicy black fruit and spiny stems give this shrub striking and unique interest. Foliage turns pale yellow to purplish brown in fall. Flowers are quite showy and very attractive to bees. Clusters of fleshy, spherical, black drupes that ripen in late August-October. The aromatic spicy roots and fruit were used by early settlers in home remedies, including a cure for toothaches. The young leaves can be eaten if gathered before the prickles harden. They are then chopped finely and cooked as a potherb. Good for shrub borders, woodland margins, native plant areas and remote areas of the landscape where it can be allowed to spread


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