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Dogwood - Cornelian Cherry

Dogwood - Cornelian Cherry

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Cornus mas, commonly known as cornelian cherry, is a deciduous shrub or multi-stem small tree that is native to central, southern Europe and parts of Asia. Lovely scaly, exfoliating bark develops on mature trunks. Beautiful yellow flowers bloom in March in dense, showy, rounded clusters. Ellipsoidal fruit (or drupes) mature to a deep cherry red when ripe. Fruits are edible fresh and have a sweet, slightly lemony tart flavor similar to Sour Patch Kids. Fruits (high in vitamin C) are used for distilling, making syrups, puddings, drinks, confections and preserves. In the US it is mostly grown as an ornamental. Cornus mas is noted for having excellent resistance to dogwood anthracnose and dogwood borer. When properly grown, this dogwood usually has few insect or disease problems. Highly valued for its very early spring bloom. Best grown as a hedge, screen or foundation plant or as a specimen.


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