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Western Reserve Heritage Seed Co.

Pea, Dwarf Gray - Sugar

Pea, Dwarf Gray - Sugar

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'Dwarf Gray' Sugar Pea - Pisum sativum 'Dwarf Gray'

  • Sugar Pea
  • Packet Size: 25 Seeds
  • Stringless peas great for stir-fry’s
  • Plants grow to 25-30″

An old heirloom from at least the 1800’s, producing pale green pods 3″-4″ long. Peas are stringless and fiber-free, making it great for steaming and stir-fry’s. Vines grow to 25-30″ tall. Produces purple-redish edible flowers, delicious in salads. Edible podded also. Matures in 60 days.

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