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Fig, Black Mission

Fig, Black Mission

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Ficus carica 'Mission'

First introduced to the United States in 1768 by Franciscan missionaries to San Diego. The Mission fig is a high-quality fig variety, producing both a breba and main crop. Highly productive, it’s considered everbearing in the right climate. The breba crop is large. The main crop is medium-sized. It is a dark-skinned fig with a strawberry colored interior. Rich and sweet with a hint of berry flavor. Delicious fresh, dried, or canned. The skin of the fruit often cracks when it is ripe. Considered to be one of the highest quality figs. A wonderful container plant. Water regularly during the growing season but reduce watering in fall. Containers must be brought indoors for winter and may be overwintered in cool, dark garages or basements. Deer resistant.


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