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Hickory, Shellbark (Carya laciniosa)

Hickory, Shellbark (Carya laciniosa)

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Shell Bark Hickory - CARYA laciniosa

Zone 4-8. Sun. Full Sun-P.Shade. Perennial. Self-fertile.

A relative of the pecan, Shellbark Hickory is the largest of the true hickories. The shellbark nuts are larger than Shagbark Hickory. Sweet and edible, with a better flavor than a pecan. Considered the nobility of nuts. Because of their hard shells, they are often very expensive and not sold in most grocery stores. Bark is similar to Shagbark Hickory on mature trees. Found on moist fertile soils of floodplains and bottomlands. Native to Ohio. Due to its majestic standing and its relative scarcity, encountering this tree in the wild has become a memorable experience. Not as commonly produced in nurseries

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