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Hops, Cascade (Humulus lupulus 'Cascade')

Hops, Cascade (Humulus lupulus 'Cascade')

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Humulus lupulus, commonly known as common hop, is a native dioecious, rhizomatous, twining perennial vine that is grown commercially for harvest of female fruits which are used by breweries to preserve and flavor beer. It is also an easy-to-grow ornamental plant that can be grown on a variety of support structures. Strobiles are typically collected in September-October with the seeds dried for use in the manufacture of beer. Flowers emit a pine-like fragrance and are attractive to butterflies. The definitive hop for American craft brews used for flavor and aroma, 'Cascade' is a vigorous, climbing brewer's hop with dark green deeply lobed foliage and fragrant large, elongated cone flowers with a medium strength pleasant floral aroma and spicy citrusy grapefruit-like notes, flowers late summer through early fall. Plants are easy to cultivate in average, well-drained, highly fertile soil. In winter, plants will die back to the ground. Overall, a highly ornamental vine that is excellent for quick cover during summer months.

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