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Kiwi, Issai - Self Fertile

Kiwi, Issai - Self Fertile

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Actinidia arguta 'Issai'

Actinidia arguta, commonly known as hardy kiwi, is a deciduous, fast-growing, twining woody vine that is typically grown for its attractive foliage and edible fruit. It is native to woodlands, mountain forests, stream sides and moist locations in eastern Asia, China and Japan. 'Issai' is a self-fertile cultivar that needs no separate male pollinator for fruit production. It is a restrained version of the species, typically growing to only 12-20'. Smooth-skinned, grape-sized green fruits are similar in taste, but sweeter than the much larger kiwi fruits sold in grocery stores (namely Actinidia deliciosa). The bite-size and smooth skin makes it so you can pop them in your mouth like grapes, skin and all.

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