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Glycyrrhiza glabra

Packet Size: 10 Seeds

Native to the Mediterranean regions and Central Asia, is a traditional remedy used to relieve chronic gastric issues, heal ulcers and soothe heartburn through its demulcient or mucilage forming properties. Its anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties make it ideal for relieving respiratory conditions. It has been widely used throughout history; the troops of Alexander the Great used it for stamina, as it has mild adaptogenic properties. It was also used in the middle ages to balance spicy foods and was even used by the Egyptians as a drink flavouring. It is a sweetener used in herbal teas, liquor, candy, beer, soft-drinks, and pharmaceutical products. Licorice produces clusters of lupin-like flowers that will eventually develop into a medicinal fruit. Fruit, leaves and rhizome are all considered to have medicinal qualities at different stages of the plants life, however the roots are most commonly used, harvested after 3 years of growth.

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