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Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus)

Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus)

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Pinus strobus, commonly called Eastern white pine, is one of the most historically significant trees in North America. Considered by some historians as the tree that made the nation, it was once the most valuable tree in America, being used for ship masts, construction, millwork, trim, and pulpwood, and also sparking a revolution. Today, only 0.65% of the original density remains. Younger trees and plantations have replaced the once seemingly inexhaustible lumber supply of virgin forests. A stately canopy tree, growing over 100 feet tall and is the largest northeastern tree species. A magnificent evergreen tree with highly desired straight trunk and crown of horizontal branches. Native and unique to the eastern United States, the white pine can live to an average age of 500 years. A great companion plant, they’re able to grow in association with all plant species. The shaggy crowns are preferred nesting for wide wingspan birds, such as eagles. Known as the Tree of Peace by The Iroquois (whose true name is Haudenosaunee), the tradition holds that the Great Peacemaker came among the five warring nations to enact a peaceful and lasting union by burying the hatchet and weapons of war in a hole and planting above a white pine tree, who’s clusters of five needles represent the unity of the five nations. White pines are wonderful and ecologically valuable native trees.LABEL

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