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Pepper, Poblano (HOT)

Pepper, Poblano (HOT)

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'Poblano' Pepper - Capsicum annuum 'Poblano'

  • Hot Pepper
  • Packet Size: 15 Seeds
  • Great for stuffing, or dried and ground into chili powder
  • Requires longer growing season

Also known as an Ancho Chili, this is Mexican standard and one of the country’s most popular peppers. Referred to as poblanos when they’re fresh and anchos when ripened red and dried, the dried peppers can be ground into an amazing red chili powder. Used for stuffing, or also as the pepper of choice for chiles rellenos. They have wonderful flavor, with a medium heat, around 2,000 Scovilles. Peppers are deep dark green, and are heart-shaped, measuring 4-5″ long. Matures in 90 days.

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