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Strawberry - White Soul

Strawberry - White Soul

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Fragaria vesca, commonly called woodland strawberry, is a small-fruited, everbearing wild strawberry that is native to Europe and Asia. White Soul is an improved species of Alpine Strawberry, reaching only 6-12 inches in height and yields lots of small white to cream colored, aromatic fruit over a very long season from Spring to autumn frost. White Soul strawberry has a strong growth habit with good productivity. The large (for an alpine strawberry), white fruit tend to escape the notice of the birds, leaving more of the wild-mixed-with-pineapple-flavored fruit for you to enjoy. Numerous, small, 5-petaled white flowers with yellow centers appear throughout summer. Flowers are followed by edible, white strawberries (1/2” long) that may be harvested throughout summer. Flowers and fruit are usually simultaneously present on plants in summer. Plants are clumping, and don’t spread with runners. Plant several together to form a patch, or scatter alongside a path or walkway for surprise treats.Fragaria vesca


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